When you need a windshield replacement?

When you need a windshield replacement?

A chip or crack in your windshield does not always mean that you have to replace the entire thing. There is a possibility that it can last with only a proper repairing. These items below will help you to decide whether you need a new windshield or if you can repair it.

Where is the damage?

Keep in mind that the placement of the damage is essential. If the damage has occurred in the part of driver’s view, then the windshield has to be replaced. Even if it is only a small chip or crack, if it’s in the driver’s view then it can leave a mark that can affect the driver’s vision.

How large is your damage?

The size of damaged area in your windshield is one of the biggest factors whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. Typically, if the size of damage is smaller than size of dollar bill, then your windshield can be repaired. However, any bigger damage from that is more difficult to be repaired.

The amount of damage

The smaller the amount of damage in your windshield the easier it can be repaired. For example, if you only have three or lesser chips, then you likely can repair it. However, if there are more than three chips it will make it more prone to shatter without any notice.

It’s location

Just because the chip or crack is not in the part of driver’s view does not always mean that you do not need to replace your Windshield Replacement. However, you might feel surprise, if the damage has occurred on the edge of your windshield, then you may need to replace all your windshield. This is because of crack or chip in the edge can make your windshield become unstable. It means that your windshield can shatter or break suddenly.

So, you can use these ways to decide whether you need to replace or repair your windshield. Keep in mind that your safety is the top priority.

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