What is a Torque Wrench?

What is a Torque Wrench?

For a long while a torque wrench was considered a luxury item. However, times have changed and today it is an essential part that is used because it is light and stiff as well as very strong. At the same time the modern torque wrench is also delicate and so is capable of meeting the demands of most functional requirements.

Efficient and economical

Today’s modern equipment has to perform to top level in terms of efficiency as well as economy. Most modern equipment is connected with the help of nuts and bolts and each bolt must hold a certain amount of load and it also needs to be aligned perfectly. This in turn means that when turning a bolt and tightening it, you need to tighten the bold in a manner that ensures that the bold does not sheer off or strip its thread or not be tight enough.

Nuts need to be tightened properly

When checking wheel nuts as well as axle nuts, where it is vital that the nuts be properly tightened, any fault in this can lead to costly repairs. It is important to tighten the nuts properly and for that there is no better solution than using a torque wrench. It uses precise science and so is the best option, you can find the best Torque Wrench brands by TW online very easily.

The Precision Instruments PREC4D600F Split Beam Detachable Head

A modern torque wrench, especially a high quality one can be used to set desired levels of torque in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The Precision Instruments PREC4D600F Split Beam Detachable Head torque wrench is what you need. It is made in the US and displaces real torque value in four different units. This particular torque wrench is well built and ergonomically designed and has a 15-degree flexible ratcheting head.

CDI 1002CF3 Drive Computorq 3 Electronic

The CDI 1002CF3 Drive Computorq 3 Electronic is another option available to those who want to use the best torque wrench. Its body design ensures that the wrench is durable and capable of offering best performance. It also comes with a simple digital readout that displays real time torque values in four different torque units. It is ideal for automotive and motorcycle as well as watercraft and aircraft applications.

CDI Torque 2503MFRPH ½-Inch Drive Adjustable Micrometer

The CDI Torque 2503MFRPH ½-Inch Drive Adjustable Micrometer is the gold standard in torque wrenches. It is highly accurate and can be used for torque specifications that closer to 10-100 ft. lbs. best of all, this torque wrench is inexpensive when compared to other costly options and is encased in a decent case.

Know your torque units and values

Whatever torque wrench you opt for you need to ensure that you understand torque values and units. Otherwise you won’t be able to tighten nuts and bolts properly. Also, make doubly sure that you pick the right torque wrench for a particular application. Choose one that has a particular torque value from twenty to ninety percent of torque wrench full scale as this ensures most precise torqueing in your application. Never drop or throw the torque wrench as that can upset its calibration. Finally, use the torque wrench only when your application is at its final stages. And, for initial fastening you need to make sure that you use the correct tools.

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