Walmart Oil Change services

Walmart Oil Change services


Walmart is America’s biggest multinational retail corporation company which is engaged in service of departmental stores who offer huge discounts at hypermarkets and grocery stores. Walmart incorporated its chain of departmental stores in the year 1969 at Bentonville. Many customers get attracted towards shopping with Walmart because of its low prices.

Walmart offers various Automobile services with different packages. The prices offered by Walmart to change oil are the lowest available as compared with other services stores. There are variety of services options that are available with Walmart Oil change and additional services are also available that can be included if requires.

Service Packages

  • In a package deal ofLube services, there are various services available like, Pit Crew package. This service comes with 5 quart of conventional motor oil along with the new filer, battery service, tire pressure checking service, air filling and chassis lubrication. All these services come under $19.99. the lube service without Pit Crew includes 5 quarts of selected oil, new oil filter, chassis lubrication, vacuum interior, windshield wash interior.It also carries checks of brake, headlights, air filter, wiper blades and tail lights, differential fluid, power steering fluid and washer fluid.
  • TheStandard oil change package deal comes with Pit Crew package along with the full oil change in $29.99.
  • The High mileage service package which costs at 435.88, includes 5 quarts of high or semi mileage systematic oil change. The cost of the oil change service at Walmart depends on the grade and type of the oil chosen or that suits the vehicle.

Walmart oil change service is reasonable and affordable offering different oil change packages. However, all the oil change attracts the additional check-up services. The competitive cost of the oil change at Walmart offer value added services to its customers, which keeps it ahead of its competitors.

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