Truck Route Planner: What Are the Benefits?

Truck Route Planner: What Are the Benefits?

When your customer needs service or calls now, which driver will you send to handle the need efficiently and swiftly? And how will you ensure the driver reaches the customer within the shortest time possible? A good truck route planner will help you achieve that. So, what is a truck route planner?

A truck route planner is a tool that allows you to do more than just selecting the shortest route possible. With the tool, you can consider road restrictions which include dangerous goods regulations and truck regulations. Truck route planners consider every relevant truck attribute and calculate the efficient truck route with regard to transport costs and driving time.

Truck route planning tools include:

  • Mapping tools  

Mapping tools allow easier finding of facilities for efficient route planning. The tools provide a variety of search options allowing drivers and fleet managers to find fuelling and service stations. They also provide vital contacts and emergency numbers.

  • Fuelling station finders

A fuelling station finder will help you reach the nearest petrol station within a shorter period. After keying in your postcode in the simple tool, it displays all the fuelling stations within the area. You can also enter your address, that of your customer or your employees’ home.

  • Free mobile apps

Route planning mobile apps are helpful to both drivers and fleet managers. In addition to providing maps, they also provide emergency numbers and useful contacts.  

Now, why should you use a truck route planner?

  • Prevention of delays

GPS positioning and cloud technology allow route managers to clearly see real-time pictures of their vehicles and the traffic conditions. Put differently, they can avoid traffic delays by routing all their drivers around the known traffic problems and selecting the best and efficient routes depending on the traffic conditions and time of the day. Your drivers will always get to their destination at the appointment time including during rush hours.

  • Improves customer satisfaction

Most of your customers are busy people who will not be willing to wait for your driver’s arrival for many hours. Yet without an accurate truck route planner, you will rarely give the accurate arrival times. Among the best route management tips, you will embrace involves use of fleet management and route planning software to offer your customers with the accurate arrival time estimates and smaller appointment windows. That will increase their satisfaction.

  • Saves money on fuel

Fuel is among the biggest expenses in transport business. By planning your routes efficiently, you will ensure that your drivers are spending lesser time on roads driving. Less driving time means lower fuel costs.

  • Improves safety for both drivers and fleet

Drivers who spend many hours on the road are at a greater risk of causing accidents. Even more, the drivers who are regularly sent to difficult construction zones, through heavy traffic, are usually more stressed and anxious. Planning your routes properly will ensure that your drivers are less stressed in addition to improving your fleet safety.


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