Top 5 Car Detailing Tips

Top 5 Car Detailing Tips


Car owners that take pride in their investment detail their cars. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional car detailer to do it for you. Either way, it should be done to protect your investment and keep it looking new. Doing it yourself takes time, and if you have it then, by all means, spends the time doing it. My uncle finds it therapeutic and will detail his automobile for hours, but not all of us have the opportunity to spend half a Saturday in the front yard waxing our ride. If you’re like me and rather hire a mobile detailer then make sure that you check out their online reviews to confirm you aren’t dealing with some jerk that’s gonna ruin your paint job or leave a dent in your door. Trust me, they are out there.

DIY Detailing Tips

Before you dive in and take advantage of these amazing car detailing tips that we have here for you, make sure that you have all the supplies ready that you will need. If you already own a few buckets, sponges, soaps, wax, and anything else I mention below then you won’t need to cough up too much money. If you have never done this before and you find that you don’t have any of the detailing supplies I list below, then you should expect to spend around $50 bucks to get all the detailing supplies you will need.

Aside from all the store bought products you will need, you are also going to need a decent work ethic. Buying the materials alone won’t be enough to get your car dialed and looking pristine. If you don’t like working hard and don’t like cleaning then hire a professional car detailing company. Don’t do it yourself!

The tips below are simple yet effective. Car detailing isn’t rocket science; it requires elbow grease and commitment. If you have those things then this should be fun. If you’re lazy and don’t like physical labor then call your local car detailer. These are my top 5 car detailing tips that I use daily for my clients.

DIY Car Detailing Tip 1 – Wash With Two Buckets

Car detailers everywhere know the benefit of this one and it’s really a no-brainer. Use two buckets. Fill one bucket full of warm water and soap, and the other bucket full of clean water. As you are cleaning your vehicle with the soapy water, you can use the clean bucket of water to rinse your rag or wash mitt. This allows you to apply soap and warm water to the surface of your vehicle and clean the dirt from the surface area. After that, you can use the bucket of clean water to rinse the rag or mitt free of the dirt and re-submerge in the soapy water to clean the next surface area of your car.

DIY Car Detailing Tip 2 – Seriously, Use Microfiber

Detailing experts across the country are using microfiber cloths to detail the most expensive automobiles around. They will use color-coded microfiber cloths for specific detailing methods which increases the effectiveness of the application. Microfiber cloths will reduce the amount of friction on the surface of the vehicle as the detailer applies wax and polish. It’s also important to note that you should wash your microfiber cloth in its own laundry load. Keep it free from cotton towels and articles of clothing that might break down the cloth. Wash the cloth in warm water, use a little bit of detergent, and don’t ad softener. If there are sales tags or product tags attached to the cloth then be sure to cut them off before you start detailing. The last thing you want to do is scuff your paint job with some unnecessary rag tag.

DIY Car Detailing Tip 3 – Wash From the Top Down

As you begin washing, start from the top of the car and work your way down. Dirt will wash from the surface of the top and run across a clean bottom side if you wash from the bottom up. Clean the roof first. Rinse your mitt, and clean your windows. The trunk and hood should follow. Next clean your doors and side panels, the front, and then the rear. Last, clean your tires and rims. There are tire cleaning solutions on the market for tires, and separate cleaning solutions for your rims. For great tips on cleaning your rims, you should check out this article on detailing rims from this Oklahoma City car detailer.

 DIY Car Detailing Tip 4 – Use a Buffing Tool to Apply the Wax and a Cloth to Remove

A buffer is used to apply the wax to the surface of the vehicle. Professional car detailers will apply the wax with this tool, thoroughly even the wax with the buffer, then remove it with a microfiber cloth. It’s common for newbies to use a buffer to remove old coats of wax and this should be discouraged. Buffers can leave marks in the clear coat and scuff up your surface. Use it only to apply new layers, but never to remove them.

DIY Car Detailing Tip 5 – Invest In a Polisher

Pro car detailers have many things in common; one of them is investing in a really good polisher. Anyone who is in any kind of professional service trade that requires tools understands that you get what you pay for. A polisher is no exception, there are great polishers that are going to get you that polished result that a professional detailer would get you, then there are the bottom shelf cheap brands that just don’t seem to get the job done. Most of the real cheap ones burn out quicker, the motors don’t last, or they really don’t work efficiently when you begin to apply pressure. Get out there and find a polisher that you can really use. Read reviews and ask questions in forums if needed. You can always call your local car detailer and ask them if they recommend a consumer grade polishing tool. Doesn’t hurt to ask.


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