Tips to be taken into account before choosing a car repair workshop

Tips to be taken into account before choosing a car repair workshop

The repair of a car is subject to a series of guarantees that the consumer does not always know, so to avoid problems the first thing to do is choose the right workshop, paying attention to the fact that it has a badge located on the outside where it appears your legal registration number and a symbol that indicates your specialty:

– Body, a hammer
– Painting, a paint gun
– Electricity, a broken arrow
– Mechanics, a spanner

It would be advisable to choose a workshop that was adhered to the Consumer Arbitration Board, since in case of problems you can go to the arbitration system, totally free for the consumer, thus avoiding the tedious judicial process and the costs that this entails.

Budget and invoice for car repair

It is important to also look at the prices and keep in mind that the workshops should always have in view what they charge for labor, the workshop schedule and a poster with the rights of the client -for example, the possibility of filing a claim sheet-, as well as a table with the price of other services -for example, what will be charged each day of more than the car remains in the workshop, once repaired.

When leaving the vehicle in the workshop, the client must sign, in duplicate, a document called ‘receipt of deposit’. It is signed by the workshop and the customer and it is recorded that you leave the car to develop a budget, specifying the fault. It is essential to record in the deposit slip that the kilometers with which you leave the vehicle appear in it, there have been cases in which the staff of the establishment has used the vehicle without the consent of the owner.

Before making a repair, ask for a written estimate in which the cost of parts, labor, etc. must be shown in detail. Thus, in case of detecting other faults or broken pieces, the workshop can not change them without consent. If you make a budget and you reject it, the Law contemplates the possibility of paying the time that the mechanics have invested in detecting the damage. Want more info about a reliable auto body shop? Just click on


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