Tips for Choosing New Tires for Your Car

Tips for Choosing New Tires for Your Car

Tires are the most important safety feature of your car – you can have a car with the toughest engine and the most beautiful tire but if the tires are worn you will not be able to do much for it. Whether you are a car enthusiast or not you need to know a bit about tires, especially how to recognize that you need a new set and how to choose new ones. Use these tips the next time you think you need to buy a new set of tires.

Find out whether you really need a new set of tires

If you have sensed problems with steering and road grip you may assume that the problem is worn tires that need replacement but that is not always the case. Sometimes a simple alignment can do the trick. If your tires don’t show any obvious signs of wear and tear but you still feel that you want to have them changed you should let your mechanic have a look first. That said, if you have had your tires for a very long time (more than 10 years) and you don’t see any signs of wear and tear you ought to have them changed anyway. Rubber deteriorates due to continued exposure with oxygen so you can be sure your tires are compromised.

Check your overall car’s performance and shape

Sometimes your tires will wear out because of problems in other parts of your car. If it isn’t that long ago since you got a new set of tires and you are having problems once more it may be time to have your car check thoroughly by your local tire center. By diagnosing simple problems he can give your tires a much longer lifespan.

Refer to the car’s information manual before you make your purchase

If you aren’t very keen on all things cars you may assume that tires are more or less the same. This is not true – each car comes with different specs and you need to know yours before you buy your next new set of tires. The car manual is at the door edge, in your glove compartment or in the trunk. If you cannot find yours contact the manufacturer and he will sell you one. This manual is a legal requirement and if you don’t have it in the car at all times you can get in trouble.

Know your tire code

This is perhaps the most difficult part of buying new tires for your car. There is a number printed on the sidewall of the tire that gives you the exact specs of the tires for your car. Knowing what it all means can be tedious and time consuming. Instead you can talk to an expert at your car tire center and they will work it all out for you.

Do you need new rims?

One way to give your car a great new look without investing lots of money is to buy new rims for it. When you go to buy new tires you should have your rims looked at. If they are old or worn you should have a new set installed – talk to your vendor about throwing in a set of nice rims for a good price. You may be tempted to buy larger rims as they look better but it is recommended that you stick as close as possible to the size of the original rims – large rims affect the efficiency with which you can turn your car around corners.

Lastly, make sure that you buy your new tires from a reliable tire vendor – tires are expensive and you don’t want to take any chances.

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