Special Features of i-ACTIVSENSE from Mazda

Special Features of i-ACTIVSENSE from Mazda

It is never an easy task for the drivers on road to cross miles together. Each journey has its own set of challenges that every drive has to deal with. Realizing the driver’s plight, Mazda came up with their advanced safety technology calling it i-ACTIVSENSE. The first model from Mazda to feature i- ACTIVESENSE in its full range is the new Atenza that was launched back in November 2012 achieving the outstanding performance of safety. Since then the i-ACTIVESENSE kept advancing its technology to increase effectiveness and here is the overview of the technological features we gathered from the Riverside Mazda dealer.

Driving in Comfort

Mazda Proactive Safety follows a philosophy of their own regarding the necessity to maximize the positivity of driving environment from basic necessities to a comfort zone, minimizing the anxiety level surrounding safely and struggle to curb down the probabilities of accidents.

Mazda has conducted a thorough review on the basic configuration of each of its vehicles and the aim of this was to optimize the environment of driving as a whole. They wanted to improve both the aspects that included the ease of operation and the overall field of driver’s visual angles.

After analyzing every possible accident scene, Mazda started its journey towards an effective safety technology. It has introduced the I ACTIVESENSE technology across the globe, to ensure safety in every situation wherever it becomes difficult to handle the traffic situations and helping the driver to tide with every traffic rule followed by respective countries.


What makes i-ACTIVSENSE unique from other safety features is the hazard-recognition feature. The technology of I ACTIVESENSE works on warning the driver in advance of the approaching danger.

This feature is based on Mazda’s principle of enhancing safety performance. It enables the driver to take a quick voluntary action whenever any trying situation arises, but at the same time he need not compromise his driving pleasure and composure that gets gracefully assured through its craftsmanship.

Avoiding Collision

Keeping in mind the human nature of committing mistakes and falling into the trap of miscommunication between the drivers on the road, i-ACTIVSENSE is made to intervene into the scene automatically to avoid the possibility of collisions and takes every positive step with its intuitive technology to mitigate the level of damage an accident becomes unavoidable.

Records show that the number of accidents happen all over the world are mostly caused by the wrong pressing of the accelerator out of physical reflex action when the drivers were supposed to have applied the brake instead. I-ACTIVESENSE takes care of such situations through its automatic transmission.

Summing Up

It would be wrong to form an opinion that Mazda is only concerned about their own brand development. A reputed Mazda dealer near Riverside, the fact came out that Mazda is all set to spread a worldwide awareness in which they want other automobile makers adopt a similar technology to provide the same benefits to all drivers across the globe.

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