Scammers in Car Removal Perth? Avoid Them with These Tips

Scammers in Car Removal Perth? Avoid Them with These Tips

You should be wary of scammers in the car removal industry in Perth. The last thing you want when you sell your car is to lose it to a bunch of scammers who will not only take away, but also fail to pay you or pay you nothing for it.

Here are some of the tips you should use to guard yourself from being a victim of the scammers:

Always research and research well

The first tip to avoid getting scammed is to do your research well. Don’t just fall for the first removal company that comes your way. Take your time to read more about them and understand the nature of the services they offer. Also be sure to read reviews on them by past clients so that you have a clear picture of what awaits you should you decide to deal with them.

Always negotiate the offer with the car removal companies

When you make the call to request for an offer, don’t be naïve to accept the first offer given. Most of the scammers will give very low offers thinking that you are desperate to sell the car and so they will undervalue your car as they wish. Don’t fall for this trap. Initiate a dialogue with them or simply get more offers from other companies and choose the one that is willing to offer you top dollars on your car.

Accept only instant payments

If a cash for scrap cars company tells you that they will tow away your car and make payments at a later date, don’t agree to them. The term of the industry is “instant payment” and unless they are willing to pay you the agreed amount in full at the time of the removal, then you have no business selling your car to them. They will simply tow away the car and it will be very difficult for you to recover your money once the car is gone.

Towing is always free

Another way to spot a scammer in the industry is when you are asked to pay for the towing. Car removal services in Perth are free if you are selling to the cash for cars guys. They will come with their tow trucks and have your car removed from its current location. Never agree to pay for towing and if the company insists that you have to, then simply don’t sell to them.

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