New Means to Purchasing Your Car

New Means to Purchasing Your Car

You may have noticed that the world is switching from traditional auctioning towards online auction houses. Through online auction houses you have the ability to bid from the comforts of your home. You are saved the hassle of actually of visiting the site and place bids. Isn’t it relieving?

In this article we will advise you how you can have access to the new means when buying your dream car.

Opt for Auction House Japan to make purchase

The name Auction House Japan should be your go to auction house to register at. Why? It is because it has a wide array of Japanese used vehicles in its arsenal. The leading Japanese cars manufacturers are onboard and you can choose from the likes of Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Suzuki etc.

You will be amazed at the guys that make up the Auction House Japan. There are people of utmost diligence in serving their customers. This can be substantiated from the fact that they carefully inspect each vehicle which becomes part of their auction.

The team is dedicated to addressing any shortcomings in the vehicles such as replacing old tires with decent ones. Performing maintenance and other cleaning jobs are also part of their servicing only after which the vehicles are put up for sale.

Moreover, there is a trait which you need to understand about Japanese people themselves. They are usually good at upkeep of the vehicles. So there are not many flaws in vehicles, generally. Since people in Japan are change lovers and change their cars every 2-3 years, the cars stay as good as brand new.

There is every reason that you should buy vehicles at AHJ because the auction house has association with 145+ auction houses from all over Japan. This leads it to having access to over 145,000 vehicles and that is just the weekly figure! Fresher models of the cars are constantly added to its arsenal.

Online auction houses are an exact opposite of buying cars at a dealership or acquiring it from a distributor. AHJ will only show you cars online which will be actually available instead of former where vehicles advertised are not available on ground for purchase.

Trust the Japan Auction House for your second hand car needs

Japanese vehicles are known for their reliability and the complaints received are far and few as well. Therefore, this is the edge Japanese vehicles have over other manufacturers. No surprise that these vehicles are renowned world over.

Additionally, AHJ is in the business of exporting vehicles to every corner of the world including Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh among other nations and territories. Also, the prices are the lowest than any of the competition out there.

As stated previously, Japanese take so good care of their vehicles that servicing needed (if any) does not cost much and thus, commission originating from sales is low too. Plus, the imported vehicles from AHJ embeds buyer’s safety as many auction houses including AHJ are religiously regulated by authorities in Japan.

All the imported vehicles will present you with the clear mileage picture as chances of tampered odometers and other malpractices of the sort are lesser to be found in used Japanese vehicles when imported through AHJ and/ or other online Japan Auction House(s) there.

Procedure to get on board

Following steps are required to sign up. Register at an online auction house such as AHJ. Deposit an initial amount so that you can participate in the live bidding because without submitting the amount you cannot bid.

You only release the payment when you win the bid, however, if you fail or didn’t win a bid you are not required to pay any amount. Also, the initial deposit money is refundable in the latter case. Other option is that you can give your consent so that the same sum will be used for the next time a bidding goes live or you can always get the total amount back.

The pricing is transparent as the winning bid is visible. You can also view the commission which will be earned upon sale. Make sure as a customer you attend to the freight charges and customs duty on your own as the company is not liable to bear these expenses.

In turn, your vehicle will be delivered from auto auction japan accompanied with relevant documentation so that you are easily able to get it cleared from your nearest port. Each country will have its own customs tax and delivery timings. Some will take 15 days while in other parts, a month for the car to be shipped.

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