Manual or Automatic: Which Transmissions Are Cheaper to Repair and Maintain?

Manual or Automatic: Which Transmissions Are Cheaper to Repair and Maintain?

Till now the vehicles that are released in the automotive market are divided into categories based on their powertrains that include transmissions that are responsible for releasing as well as controlling the power of engine in relation to the gears to bring the correct speed to the vehicle as and when necessary. We can see that while a set of cars are having manual transmissions, others have upgraded into automatic ones. Here we are trying to figure out, which kind of transmission is cheaper to buy or replace and easier to maintain. This is to help in the process of making the right choice when you are out to buy a car.

How the Transmissions Work

As explained by the Ford dealer Escondido, a manual transmission mostly works on mechanical gears that is dependent on the driver for engaging the clutch and shift whenever required. On the other hand, the automatic transmission is constituent of hundreds of hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic components that work in tune with the shift of gears to bring a smooth effect on the rolling of tires.

The Cost of Replacement

The cost of replacing the automatic transmission fluid usually ranges between $100 to $200, depending upon the size of the vehicle and the mechanic who is repairing the transmission. Though manual transmissions too require a periodic change of the fluid, the cost comes to be half the price of the automatic ones.

Factors to be Considered

The cost of maintaining the transmissions is dependent on a few determining factors. Here’s a brief account on those:

The Vehicle Type

Repair costs of transmissions vary largely on the basis of the kind of vehicle and its requirements. If there is a leak, the repair work might cost a few hundred dollars or even less, but if a part of the transmission gets torn or there are some other issues, the proper diagnosis of it can be expensive.

The Warranty

While changing or replacing a car’s transmission, the cost it involves might be covered by the powertrain warranty of the manufacturer that can cover 60,000 miles or sometimes even 100,000. But the clutch in a manual transmission, that is held to be a “wear” component is generally covered for only 12,000 miles. So, even in this respect, the manual transmission costs lesser than the automatic ones.

Driving Style

As per the experts in the Ford Escondido, one of the main reasons why the manual transmissions get damaged more often than the automatic ones, is the driving habits. Too sudden usage or rough handling of acceleration, gear change and application of brakes cast undue pressure on the manual transmission and the components can get damaged in the process. The automatic transmissions because of their automatic process of working is less dependent on the driver, so it might cost less in terms of maintenance frequency.

Concluding Thoughts

Depending upon the kind of vehicle driven and driving style, the kind of transmission is determined as well as its maintenance cost.

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