Make Sure You Have These Parts Handy For Your ATV

Make Sure You Have These Parts Handy For Your ATV

Your ATV is designed for action. If you are like most owners, you enjoy getting out on the dirt roads and really letting the vehicle go free as safely as possible. That is certainly what they were designed for, so get out there and enjoy. At the same time, you want to make sure that the ATV is going to last you for a long time, and that you are getting the best use out of it that you can. With that in mind, consider the following parts that you really should keep handy for your ATV at all times.

Keep a Spare Air Filter On Hand

As you can probably imagine, a great deal of dust and other particulates can get into the engine and inner workings of your ATV. You might be used to only changing the air filter in your car or truck once or twice a year, but that is because its engine does not go through near the rugged terrain that your ATV does. You will want to constantly monitor your ATV for dirt and grime in order to keep your vehicle running in top shape. As you consider what arctic cat parts to keep on hand, make sure an air filter is among them. The performance of your ATV will be enhanced as a result. Get on a regular schedule of replacement, and make sure you check it periodically as well.

Provide Your ATV With Clean Oil

Just as we humans need clean water and food to survive, so does your ATV need fresh oil from time to time. Similar to your air filter, the oil if your off road vehicle can pick up harmful additives over time. This often results in sluggish performance on the part of the vehicle as a whole. The more you drive your ATV, the more frequently you will want to change your oil. While some people will recommend changing the oil every so many miles, remember that this largely depends upon your driving habits. If you drive the vehicle hard, then you will want to reward it with a bit of fresh oil from time to time. There is nothing wrong with frequent oil changes. However, there is something wrong with not changing you oil often enough and this is what you need to avoid here.

Tighten Those Bolts

If you are like most ATV owners, you do quite a bit of your driving off road. This adds to the excitement for sure, but it also creates quite a jolt for the vehicle. Even the most well assembled vehicle will encounter some loosening bolts over time. You do not want something to snap apart in the middle of a ride, so make sure that you go around the ATV from time to time and tighten up all of the bolts. This will take care of some unexpected bolt snaps that can be rather unpleasant. Keep some spare bolts on hand as well just in case you find a bolt of two missing.

You want to take time to properly care for your ATV. This is how you can get it to last for a long time and give you and your family years of enjoyment. This advice can pay dividends in the long run.

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