Learn how to fix a car that doesn’t start with PartsAvatar.ca

Learn how to fix a car that doesn’t start with PartsAvatar.ca

There are a number of issues due to which your car won’t be able to start. The three primary categories which you should address are as follows:

  1. The starter and the battery
  2. Fuel Delivery
  3. The ignition

So if your vehicle is not able to start, then there are a lot of chances that the problem lies somewhere within the above mentioned categories. All you have to do is to start narrowing down some of the possible issues so that you are able to determine what you should do to repair your car.

Method 1 – Check the starter as well as battery

  1. Carefully listen the vehicle when you are trying to start it

Very often your car is not able to start due to a dead battery. When you have turned the key in the ignition, then carefully listen to the sound of the motor when it is about to start. If it is not making any sound at all, then it is very simple that it is a dead battery. Sometimes you may hear a clicking sound and that would be because the starter is trying to work but it is not able to due to lack of enough power.

  1. Check the battery terminals

All you have to do is to open the car hood and look for the connections from the battery to the car engine. There are two terminals, one is positive and the other one is negative. Both of them should have clean metal on metal connections so that the electricity can be transmitted sufficiently. Ensure that both of the cables are connected properly and there terminals are not covered with debris. If the battery terminals are corroded, then you can always use a steel brush to clean them.

Method 2- Ensuring that the Car engine is getting Fuel

  1. Add fuel if your vehicle is out of gas

If the amount of fuel is less in your vehicle, then you must add some amount of gas into your vehicle’s fuel tank. There is a breather cap which would allow the air to travel into the can and this would allow the gas to pour out into the vehicle’s fuel tank. You must perform this task carefully by not spilling the gasoline on the car’s paint or even on yourself.

  1. Replace your old fuel filter

The other reason why your vehicle won’t be getting fuel can be because your fuel filter might be completely clogged. Locate your fuel filter beneath the vehicle and then disconnect the fuel lines and then you will be able to replace it. Remove your filter from the bracket and then you can install a brand new one which would allow the fuel to flow to the engine once again.

Method 3- Testing the Ignition System

  1. Check your spark plugs for the signs of damage

You can remove the spark plugs with the help of a spark plug socket and then carefully diagnose the problems which may exist. You will have to inspect the specific types of damage as they are resisting your car engine for getting started.

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