A Guide to Buying a Dash Cam

A Guide to Buying a Dash Cam
  • What is a Dash Cam?

Dash stands for dashboard and cam for camera; it stands to reason therefore that, a Dash Cam is a camcorder which fits on the dashboard of your car pointing and recording all that’s happening to the front. What the driver sees the camera records.

Digital technology has meant that this little phone size devise is readily available at quite astonishingly low prices. Most devices record video onto a memory card, the videos can be easily downloaded, viewed and shared within minutes.

  • Why should I bother installing one?

First off, installation is so very simple and not really an issue to cause ‘bother’. Most Cams will have a long-life internal battery and/or can be run via the cigar lighter port.

The real importance of a car cam will become evident upon the occasion of a serious traffic incident that endangers life or damages property, be that your safety or your car.

Should you doubt the effectiveness of a Dash Cam then simply follow this link to view the obvious benefits … VDASHCAM

  • What to look for in a Dash Cam

It’s not entirely about setting a high budget, finding a camera that’ll do the job should not entail huge expense. You first need to consider you requirements and preferences.

To help in that decision, here are some pointers:

First advice, make sure your camera of choice records in High Definition (HD). It makes sense to get the clearest video possible. OK, apart from that, here are my top four:

  1. Do you want to capture front and rear action?
  2. Do you require a night vision facility?
  3. Do you want the camera(s) to have motion sensor technology?
  4. Does the camera have a good field of vision?

Taking each point at a time; yes, Dash Cam systems are able to record front and back views via a number of ingenious means.

Night vision ability is usually a built-in feature of most modern-day Dash Cams (i.e. they can record at night, usually restricted to black and white).

As for motion sensor technology, this can be very useful in detecting the perpetrators of wanton vandalism, either day or night. The video camera is triggered into life when detecting significant movement within its field of vision.

Field of vision is something worth taking into consideration; the wider the lens angle the more that can be viewed left and right. Very wide angled lenses can cause some distortion, aim for something with say, a 150% spread, be advised by your supplier.

This all sound very grand and very expensive stuff. But it’s not, the technology is readily available and beautifully combined to create a most useful driving accessory.

  • Where to get the best deal and the soundest advice?

Well, that’s a no-brainer, go to the VDASHCAM website, here you’ll find sound, knowledgeable advice and honest reviews on a range of current Dash Cam options.

As the technology advances prices fall and features advance; this certainly applies to the Dash Cam, keep in touch with its progress, keep in touch with VDASHCAM!

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