2017 INFINITI Q60 Review

2017 INFINITI Q60 Review

Although coupes are no longer as popular as they used to be in the past days, the stylish 2017 Infiniti Q60 is changing the scene. This coupe’s exterior styling is unique and different from the previous generations of the INFINITI Q60 which has also helped it stand out from its competitors. The INFINITI Q60 interior also delivers something unique that you don’t expect to find in any other coupe. The 2017 INFINITI Q60 offers value for your money especially on the lower end of its trim level. The manufacturer has also introduced a turbocharged V6 motor engine with an astonishing 400 horsepower. In short, there is a lot to love about this car. Here is a complete review of this coupe.

Trim Levels and Features

The 2017 INFINITI Q60 is seats four people and is a two-door coupe. It comes in four different trim levels that you can choose from. There is the 2.0t, the 2.0t premium, the 3.0t premium, 3.0t sport and the Red Sport 400. The trim levels have different features, and it will all depend on what you want.


The 2017 INFINITI Q60 interior features a modern and tech-focused cabin that is similar to that of the INFINITI Q50 sedan. Its interior is solidly built with some unique color schemes and extra flair that you won’t find among its competitors. The car is fitted with a dual- touchscreen interface that is strategically located to increase accessibility. The upper touchscreen can easily be controlled by both the driver and a passenger and is wholly devoted to the navigation system of the car. The lower screen is more advanced and similar to the display of a smartphone. Its lower screen main controls the different smartphone-connected applications and the car’s audio system.

The screen is also intuitive, and even a new user will easily figure out what the various signs stand for. Both the front and rear seats are incredibly comfortable and supportive, and you can easily adjust them. The 2017 INFINITI Q60 also has sufficient legroom for its rear passengers and the tall passengers also enjoy enough headroom. The manufacturer offers you 12.1 cubic feet of space which is a little bit larger than a typical coupe and almost equal to that of a Q50 sedan.

Comfort and Driving

Overall, the 2017 INFINITI Q60 s comfortable and quieter compared to its competitors. The manufacturer did an incredible job when it comes to keeping the body motions in check around bumpy roads, tight, and fast corners. You won’t feel the engine noise except at the time when the car is roaring in motion. The highway noise is also kept in check. You still have the option of getting a Direct Adaptive Steering System that will aid your steering on the highway.

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