10 points why Car Valuation is mandatory before buying or selling car

10 points why Car Valuation is mandatory before buying or selling car

Car Valuation is extremely essential before you buy or sell a car. This is extremely essential whenever you are thinking of selling your old car or buying one. Old car valuation is offered by several online platforms. The entire process of second hand car valuation has become immensely convenient and easy these days. There are several tools that help you get car valuation online done in a matter of minutes and this helps you in more ways than one.

Here are the top 10 reasons why car valuation is important before selling or buying a car:

  • Every car has a different value- Many people make the mistake of assuming generic values for cars based on the segment that they fall in. However, it should be understood that each car has its own aggregate value which differs from other models even in the same segment.
  • Depreciation counts- Getting valuation done for a car also helps you get an idea of how much the car has depreciated over time in terms of its specific value. This can be done through proper valuation.
  • Suitable techniques- Valuation is a highly specialized technique that should not be attempted by amateurs since they will only get it wrong. Valuation is comprised of several techniques that suitably assess all major features of a vehicle along with usage and other factors.
  • Fair pricing- In case you are buying a car from a used car dealership, the pricing will always be higher and this will be reflected in the valuation. However, if you get online valuation done, you will get the fair price estimate minus the dealer’s profit.
  • Better bargaining- If you are looking to buy a used car or sell one, you will get a fair idea of the accurate value by undertaking a valuation exercise. This will help you bargain better for a more competitive price while buying or sell at a higher price.
  • Market Comparison- Getting valuation done for an old car will help in comparing the prices estimated with the market figures. This will help in getting the best possible deal for yourself, be it while buying or selling a car.
  • Fixing Budget- While buying a new car, you will always know whether a particular car is in your budget or not if you get the valuation done.
  • Maximum value while selling- While selling your used car, you will get the valuation done and it will tell you the maximum possible price that you can get for the vehicle in question. This will help you avoid situations where you are compelled to sell the car at a random price and avoid gaining more due to lack of awareness about several market variables.
  • Insurance Claims- Getting valuation done will be a godsend in case of situations like car thefts where you need to claim the amount from your insurance provider. You will have to establish the value of the car and this is possible once you get the valuation done for the car model in question.
  • Trade-in Deals- When it comes to trade-in deals, i.e. where you sell your old car and buy a new one in exchange, valuation is highly essential. You should know what your old car is worth and whether this deal is within your budget or not. In case the used car value is lower than the price of the new car by a huge margin, then you can reconsider. Or else, if you see that the new car price is not very high as compared to the value of your old car. In case that happens, you can consider opting for the deal.


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